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The illustrations in the worksheets have been created based on extensive research and survey and are optimised for grayscale printing.

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Our printable worksheets are designed by a community of experienced teachers who are dedicated to providing high-quality educational resources for parents and children. These teachers work together to create KLearning Kids worksheets that are scientifically designed to cater to the overall skill development of kids in the age group 5-10 years, that are aligned with the curriculum, and that are engaging, interactive and fun. They use their expertise and knowledge of teaching to create our KLearning Kids worksheets that are tailored to the needs of children and that provide a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience. The community of teachers are also working hard to make sure that the worksheets are updated and improved regularly to provide the best learning experience possible.

Write the missing Numbers

Learn ordering numbers by using our various free printable number order worksheets on what comes before and after a number as well as fill the missing numbers. Missing numbers questions are a fun way to enhance one’s maths vocabulary. These are meant for kindergarten and primary school students mostly.

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