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Download Free Printable Phonetic Alphabet Flashcards

Free printable phonetic alphabet flashcards are a perfect advantage for children learning the alphabet & practicing the sound, kindergarten to first grade.

Flashcard fun

We all love flashcards. They are simple, easy, and have fewer minutes. Do you know who loves them more than us? Our children, when they first start learning letters and names and sounds with flashcards. You noticed that your child repeated some of the words he was hearing. Try this with your child at home.

In our school K Learning Kids classroom also, we use these flashcards constantly. We ensure that our children frame their letter sounds. We try to get in the habit of using flashcards letters. We made these flashcards for teachers & parents. It will help parents practice their letters and sounds. In our flashcards, you can also see the Hindi Swar and Vyanjan are printed on the flashcards to help the parent to speak.

These printable phonetic alphabet flashcards have capital and lowercase letters with Hindi Swar and Vyanjan, an easy to recognize pictures, and spell the name of that picture. That helps the foundation of the literacy-the alphabet! Flashcards help them to remember and recall letter sounds.

In flashcards, we added 1-10 number flashcards, along with the number of objects, to practice counting and numbers. If your child has good fine motor skills, they can color and cut the flashcards.


  • Children learn to identify letters sounds and numbers.
  • Children learn letter-sound with the beginning sound.
  • Children learn counting and numbers.

Age group

  • Flashcards are good for children kindergarten – first grade.
  • Cutting and coloring will help fine motor skills.


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