What is Phonic Sound and how to speak?

Phonic is a method to teach children in school how to read. it makes the child aware of the individual sounds that we make when we speak English. It teaches children about the letter symbols that represent each of these sounds. Finally, It teaches children and parents how to write these symbols, combine them into words, and at the same time how to read them. The sounds of the letters are given below. Let us know the letters as they sounded

Vowel Sound

Aa'a' sound as in cat or apple (not in ape or name)
Ee'e' sound as in bed or set ( not in feed or meet)
Ii'i' as in big or sit and ink (not in ice cream)
Oo'o' as in not or God (not in open)
Uu'u' as in but or fun (not in uniform)

Consonant Sound

BbsaysThe sound of 'b' as in bib.
CcsaysThe sound of 'c' as in cat(k) (not the sound of 'c' as in see)
DdsaysThe sound of 'd' as in bad.
Ffsaysthe sound of 'f' as in bluff (place the upper teeth lightly on the lower lip and at the same time force your breath in a steady stream)
GgsaysThe sound of 'g' as in girl or bag.
HhsaysThe sound of 'h' as in hat.
JjsaysThe sound of 'j' as in Raj or jelly.
KksaysThe sound of 'k' as in back.
LlsaysThe sound of 'l' as in ball.
MmsaysThe sound of 'm' as in dam.
NnsaysThe sound of 'n' in fun.
PpsaysThe sound of 'p' as in pup (Close your lips tightly, below them apart with little puffs of breath)
QqsaysकवThe sound of 'q' as in queen.
RrsaysThe sound of 'r' as in rat.
SssaysThe sound fo 's' as in yes (make the hissing sound sss...)
TtsaysThe sound of 't' as on bot.
VvsaysThe final sound of 'v' as in give or five (bite of your lower lip when pronouncing)
WwsaysThe of 'w' as in way (make a circle of the lips to pronounce the first sound)
XxsaysकसThe sound of 'x' as in six (A combined sound fo k and s)
YysaysThe first sound of 'y' as in yes
Zzsaysज़The find sound of 'z' as in jazz.

Here are some phonics worksheets for children to download.


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