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4 Letter A Worksheets for Preschool – Free Printables!

Letter A Worksheets

These worksheets are for children of age group 3-5, teaching the letter A to children in preschool and kindergarten. Children aged 3-5 can easily recognize the uppercase and lowercase of the letter A sound, trace and print it. 

The Letter A!

Our professionally designed printable worksheets to build important pre-writing and writing skills in 3-5 aged group children.

We are focusing on seeing, Hearing, Reading & writing. Lets me define those terms for you!

  • Seeing: See the letter and recognize which letter it is.
  • Hearing and Reading: Hearing and reading a letter sound and recognizing which letter makes what sound.
  • Writing: Last is correctly drawing each right stroke of the letter to form.
  • These skills are important because it makes basic building blocks of literacy!

That’s why we are using A-Z Flashcards within my school every single day.

Use these worksheets for learning with fun to go along with the letter A lesson plan. Download and print pdf.

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Letter A Worksheet Included

Hidden Letter: Children will find the letter A and color the area of the letter A.

Letter A Tracing: In this worksheet practice proper letter formation, children will follow the steps to trace the letter Capital A.  

Find the Letter: Children will find and spot the letter A & circle or mark it with a pencil.

Colour the picture: Children will find the pictures & colors, starting with the letter A.

Focus on 

These worksheets will help chid to practice seeing, hearing, reading, and writing letter A

Age Group: These worksheets are appropriate for preschoolers ages 3, 4, 5, and 6, and Kindergarten students.

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