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These printable worksheets have 100+ high-frequency words for children and flashcards for practice. The words are called Fry words. All are organized into 5 sets of 25 listed alphabetically

What are the high-frequency words?

There is 1000+ Fry’s high-frequency words list. In our list use the first 100 words, listed in alphabetical order. Why 100 words? Well, we make the list for ages 4-5, less overburden for kids and more understandable for children and parents.

High-frequency words are most often used when reading English textbooks. The words are used in higher frequency in books.

Books include words from all parts of speech, children need to practice reading these words To make reading textbooks.

75% of words are high-frequency words. but the other 25% of words are called “sight words”.

Sight words are also important for children to learn to improve reading and spelling, but teachers have not found this in one place and which words to the beginning reader first.

Don’t worry, We create a list of the most frequently used sight words. 

You can download it.

How to use word lists and flashcards?

These listed words are used as a study guide or check words children know or don’t know. We take a printout & staple it inside of my student’s reading folder/notebooks and assign homework to read it.

They take time to master each list of high-frequency words by practicing. They use words in sentences, read poems, write the words and talk to their friends. After some time when they master the first list, we move to another list of words. Kids love it to finish one list and move to the next level.

I used to mark the words they know or don’t know. 

100 High Frequency Words (Sight words)


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