Language development in children

Language development in children is amazing, and it’s a development that many parents really look forward to. The secret to helping children learn language is very simple: talk together lots and listen lots.

Preliminary stage

(birth till approx. 1 year)

The first sound of a newborn child is the so-called "natal shout". This originates from the entry of the respiration. In the preliminary stage walk the child if it is hungry if it liked to make itself noticeable if it is wet etc., Nevertheless, already after 8 weeks certain differences can be recognised in the yelling.

Language development in children

Step of the Lallmonologe

(6 months till 1 year)

In this time the children catch to easy syllabic chains to form which are named as a Lallmonologe. The child hears from the parents syllables which it repeats and lines up over and over again. This is the basis for the other language development.

Language development in children

The one-word sentences

(1 year to 18 months)

The first words of the child originate approx. with the first year. Most it are these words which originate from the syllabic chains (mA mA). Also easy words which the child hears in his sphere can be repeated.
First the words are still understood without sense, however, with the time the too educating one can tie together the words with the object or the sense. Besides, it forms the sentence from only one word.

Language development in children

Construction and removal of the grammar

(2-3 years)

This step is also called as the „second interrogative age“, because the children put questions“ constantly „Why. At this age grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction of the language are strengthened.

Language development in children

Entire control

The language development of the child is concluded with approx. 5 years in the coarse. The child knows upper concepts and unterconcepts, different names for an object, past, present, future.