Kids Party Planing

We offer this complete kids first birthday or kids party planing checklist for those of you who want to organize every aspect of your child’s baby boy or girl first birthday party. At various points, we assume things and do not mention them, but on the whole what follows is a comprehensive checklist for planning. You can use it with the confidence that your party will achieve its purpos.
As we have already mentioned, when it comes to parties, party decorations, certain expenses are unavoidable.

kid party planing

Birthday Kid Party Planing

We begin with a brief list of information that you will need to consider. This is the general outline we will use to create our party planning checklist. Sometime during the period leading up to the party, you will need the answers to these questions. So, the sooner you can answer them the better.

1. What type of party is your child having? 

Birthday parties are the most common, but we have had parties for other occasions. It will affect your kid party planning with respect to games and activities, and also the food you will serve.

2. What are the ages of the guests? 

Often, the children tend to be of the same age. But this is not always the case. You may have to take into consideration those who are significantly younger or older.

3. What location are you going to use? 

We always prefered our home, but large groups can only be accomodated elsewhere. Community Centers and school gyms are more economical than commercial places.

4. What day and what time of day? 

You have the choice of morning, afternoon or evening. The party should last from 1.5 to 2 hours. Your decision will depend on the age of the children and their availability.

5. How many guests are you inviting?

Again, this has to be decided early in your kid party planning because other factors, like location and food, will be affected by it.

6. What kind of party food and refreshments are you going to provide. 

There are the usual no-brainers like hot-dogs, hamburgers and soft-drinks. They are also economical. But you may want to serve something slightly different. It will depend on the kind of party, whether formal or casual.

Step-By-Step First Birthday Party-Checklist

Now, let’s go through the entire process of our kid party planning. Your child should be part and parcel of every decision made. Give her a sense of ownership.

Start a month to go.

(a) Decide on the theme of the party. This will focus your energies and make the party-planning a lot easier. It will affect the games and activities you plan. It may even affect the food and costumes. Make sure your child has a clear theme for the party.

(b) Make a tentative guest list. Not everyone will be able to come, and there may be last minute additions. You should decide how large the party is going to be, and make your list accordingly.

(c) Decide upon the exact date of the party and the time of day .

(d) Consult the party-planning checklist. Remember to do this frequently. It’s important to be thorough and on schedule. Also, you may want to add or alter some of the planning.

(e) Make a list of all the party supplies that you are going to need. Try to be complete. This list should include not only the larger, obvious things, but also the smaller things.

Two Weeks to go kid party planing.

(e) Send out the invitations based on the list you compiled. Make sure that you clearly indicate “RSVP”. You need to know as soon as possible, as accurately as possible, the number of children who are coming.


(f) With your child, plan the games and activities. We have recommended some wonderful places to go for this on the previous page. Most important thing at a kids’ party is to keep them active. They will not be able to stay at a single game for very long. Keep them moving from game to game, from activity to activity. That’s why party-planning is so important. Plan your party accordingly.


(g) Decide on the food and refreshments. Also, when these will be served. We recommend that food and drinks be brought out at the end of the party, just before they go home. Children of all ages have enough energy without being further energized by food and drinks.

One week to go kid party planing.

(h) If you are buying the cake, verify that the cake is going to be ready on the appointed day. Any food that can be frozen should be bought and stored.

(i) Set up the final timeline for the day. Know exactly how the party is going to begin, what activities the children will participate in, how long they will last, when the food will be served, and how the party will end. Make the party-planning checklist to be consulted on the last day.

Two days to go kid party planing.

(j) Determine the exact number of children who will attend. Our experience has been that there are always two or three who arrive at the last minute.

(k) Based on the numbers, buy all the food that you will need for the party. Remember that you have some frozen food that you already have in storage.

(l) Get your cameras and video-cams ready. They should be in good working order. Consult the kid party planning checklist.

One day to go kid party planing.

(m) Decorate the cake, if you are making your own.

(n) Child-proof the location, whether it be your home or a rented hall. Safety is most important. Now, decorate the location, appropriate for the type of party.

(o) Prepare the food and refreshment.

(p) Consult the party-planning checklist.

The big day!

If everything was done according to the party-planning checklist, there should be nothing to do on the big day itself, except to transfer all the needed material. Remember to keep them busy. Enjoy it and take lots of pictures.