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How parents can teach kids phonics sounds in English?

Hello Parents, K Learning Kids’ exercise is to learn and apply the letters to peruse or spell phonic words in English. In numerous schools start phonics sounds in kindergarten at 3 years old years.

Phonic English words have names, and letters have sounds.

The children are gradually being introduced to the sounds that letters make through Phonics. By relating the English letters to their Hindi counterparts, the children can easily learn and become familiar with the sounds and start reading simple 2 or 3-letter words from their books.

Your child can learn phonics sounds using Hindi sounds 

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How to speak Phonics sound?

Parents can teach their kids reading with phonics using a combination of English and Hindi. Here are a few ways they can do this:

  1. Start by teaching the English alphabet and corresponding sounds to the child in Hindi. For example, they can teach the child that “a” makes the “aa” sound, and “b” makes the “” sound.

  2. Use visual aids such as flashcards with pictures of objects that begin with the corresponding sound. This will help the child associate the sound with the letter and the object.

  3. Practice blending sounds together to form simple words. Begin with two-letter words and slowly progress to more complex words.

  4. Use Hindi words with the same sound to reinforce the English sounds. For example, when teaching the sound of “a”, the parent can use Hindi words such as “आम” (mango) to help the child understand the sound.

  5. Encourage the child to read simple English words and sentences using the sounds they have learned.

  6. Make reading fun by encouraging the child to read out loud and rewarding them for their progress.

  7. Practice regularly and be patient, as learning to read takes time and practice.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s important to use a proper and well-designed phonics curriculum, and if needed, seek help from experts such as teachers or tutors.

Vowel Sound

Aa'a' sound as in cat or apple (not in ape or name)
Ee'e' sound as in bed or set ( not in feed or meet)
Ii'i' as in big or sit and ink (not in ice cream)
Oo'o' as in not or God (not in open)
Uu'u' as in but or fun (not in uniform)

Consonant Sound

BbsaysThe sound of 'b' as in bib.
CcsaysThe sound of 'c' as in cat(k) (not the sound of 'c' as in see)
DdsaysThe sound of 'd' as in bad.
Ffsaysthe sound of 'f' as in bluff (place the upper teeth lightly on the lower lip and at the same time force your breath in a steady stream)
GgsaysThe sound of 'g' as in girl or bag.
HhsaysThe sound of 'h' as in hat.
JjsaysThe sound of 'j' as in Raj or jelly.
KksaysThe sound of 'k' as in back.
LlsaysThe sound of 'l' as in ball.
MmsaysThe sound of 'm' as in dam.
NnsaysThe sound of 'n' in fun.
PpsaysThe sound of 'p' as in pup (Close your lips tightly, below them apart with little puffs of breath)
QqsaysकवThe sound of 'q' as in queen.
RrsaysThe sound of 'r' as in rat.
SssaysThe sound fo 's' as in yes (make the hissing sound sss...)
TtsaysThe sound of 't' as on bot.
VvsaysThe final sound of 'v' as in give or five (bite of your lower lip when pronouncing)
WwsaysThe of 'w' as in way (make a circle of the lips to pronounce the first sound)
XxsaysकसThe sound of 'x' as in six (A combined sound fo k and s)
YysaysThe first sound of 'y' as in yes
Zzsaysज़The find sound of 'z' as in jazz.

Download phonics printable take a print & past it in front of kids study table.

Focus on Lesson

  • Children learn and identify the letter sound.
  • They can easily associate letter sound with beginning word sound

Age Group :

  • Kindergarten to 1st grade
  • 3years to 5years

You can take a printout of the phonics sheet & paste it in front of children.

For many children, practicing the ability to recognize sounds in words can make a big difference in how fast they learn to read. 

– Pooja Kapoor

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  1. RobertEnump says:

    If you delay your child’s reading skill development until he or she enters school, you are putting your child at risk…
    Did you know that 67% of all Grade 4 students cannot read at a proficient level!
    There is a super simple and extremely effective system that will even teach 2 and 3 year child.

  2. Augustine Namba says:

    My kids are having difficult in speaking and pronouncing english I need help thanks.

    1. Khirad Sultana says:

      I thankfull to you l learn phonics sound

      1. Pooja Kapoor says:

        You’re welcome! We’re thrilled to hear that you found our phonics sound lessons helpful. Keep up the great work! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy learning!

    2. Pooja Kapoor says:

      We understand your concern. We’re here to help! Our team is experienced in supporting children with speaking and pronunciation difficulties in English. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance. Together, we can help your kids improve their language skills. Thank you for reaching out!

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