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3 Games help the child to increase memory power | 100% works

H ello, Parents,
In this blog, i will tell you some games that improve the concentration and memory of children. Children forget what they have learned today, so, through these games, children have given their lessons. Children will remember the answer well and will not forget it.

1. Repeat the words.

The child will have to repeat the ten words in the same order. You can give Ten Vegetable Name or Fruit Name to the child. Let him speak similar words in front of him and tell him once and tell the child to repeat the — examples of writing these ten words in order such ten animals. Do not have to give them in writing in order to tell him orally and tell the child to listen to the words & repeat it in order. The child will listen & try to concentrate on words. On the first day, the child will speak four or five words in order that will improve day by day. By playing this game, the child’s concentration and hearing power will improve.

2. Find the coin

You can take a caps of bottle or glasses and hide a coin in front of the child under a cap or glass. Then shuffle it. The child will observe it. The child will try to find the coin. It will increase the brain to become very active concentrated. 

3. Find the missing object.

Take any of your kid’s five toys. Place these it on a plate or a tray, then tell the child to close the eye, and you remove one toy from it, then after that, the child is identified. Which toy is missing? The child will evaluate their memory & remember the thing. It will try to remember the child. The child will remember what object he saw some time ago. 

This game you can play daily & increase brain development & concentration power. These games will help the child to get 100% marks in school.

So parents how you feel this blog. Please tell me in the comments.

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  1. Pooja kapoor says:

    Very good k-learning kids keep it up

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