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Child-games Ideas for Effective Child Growth

On this page, you will find ideas for child-games that we have tried and found successful as we raised our three children.

Although, like all parents, we have bought games and toys for our children, the most memorable and joyful time was when we made our own child-games and toys with them.

Children don’t really care what games and toys look like, but they do want them to stir their imagination, creativity and passion.

Children don’t really care what games and toys look like, but they do want them to stir their imagination, creativity and passion.

Here, therefore, we have some carefully selected ideas for you to try.

If you can find your child’s passion at any one time, getting him/her to play and learn is a piece of cake.

Your child cares about doing things with you. Make sure she is involved in every step of planning, making and enjoying the child-games and toys.

The ideas we have compiled for you here are simple to make and fun to execute. I sincerely hope you will find them interesting and useful.

OK, so are you ready for our first child-games idea?

Good. Let’s go!

Travel World History

We found that this child-games idea we made up was perfect for a winter afternoon or evening when one of our children invited a handful of friends over.

We found that this child-games idea we made up was perfect for a winter afternoon or evening when one of our children invited a handful of friends over.

Materials needed: poster, cut-out pictures, glue, dice, encyclopaedia.

Get a poster the size of a board-game. It should be an attractive picture of a landscape or a country.

Cut out pictures that have to do with different countries of the world. For example, Statue of Liberty for the United States, Eiffel Tower for France, Kyoto Temple for Japan, India gate of India etc..

Don’t be shy to represent some less well-known countries. It’ll be more fun.

Paste all these cut-outs onto different areas of the poster. Draw or paste a segmented roadway(walkway, ladders, etc.) from one picture to the other. Start at one corner (Start); this could be your country. Decide upon a destination (Finish). Place it at the opposite corner.

There should be an encyclopaedia of geography or history nearby for reference as the children play.

This game is meant for up to four players.

Everyone begins at “Start”. Using the dice, each player tries to progress along the road to the “End”. In order to successfully land or stay on a picture, the player must annouce one important fact or information about that country. If she/he cannot, and another player can, she must return to “Start”.

Whoever gets to “End” first, wins. That’s it: child-game-idea #1!

This child-game is appropriate for children from age 6 to 12.

For this game, the poster is the most important item. Selecting the right poster will set the right mood for the entire journey.


We always gave our children full access to household materials that were not in use. This child-games idea was initiated to encourage imaginative and creative play.

Materials needed: large table, cushions, old blankets of different colors (greens and blues are best), toys of related theme.

This games-idea started as we suggested to the children that they make a landscape. We didn’t use the word “landscape”. I think I said, “country scene”.

That was it. That was the only challenge. They had to make something.

Well, they embraced the idea immediately. Children love to construct a miniature scene that depicts something they have a passion for.

They eagerly rummaged through the closets and the basement and pulled out old blankets and cushions.

Fortunately, we also had a ping-pong table that we hardly used. They made the landscape on that. (If you don’t have a large table, no problem. It can be done on the floor. Just as good.)

By putting cushions under the blankets (greens and blues), they made a scene that consisted of hills, valleys and rivers. With cardboard pieces, they added mountains to the scenery.

Most of the thinking and all of the execution for this child-games idea came from the children. We were simply there to give advice when asked.

More importantly, it was what they did with this creation that was noteworthy.

You can imagine what the landscape became under his creative imagination. A battle-field where two opposing forces manoeuvred for strategic advantage.

Experiences like this taught us quickly that the best child-games activities are simple and easy to make. It’s true that children love store-bought gifts, but almost always they are satisfied with simple things.

It’s not the sophistication they look for in their games; rather, they embrace anything that triggers their imagination and passion.

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How do I view 3D animals on Google?

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Just underneath the image search results and the Wikipedia description of the panda, you’ll be able to see a little box that says, “Meet a life-sized giant panda up close.”

What animals can you find tiger view in 3d google?

There are loads of different animals you can see through the feature.

It first gained popularity when people realised they could see a huge 3D panda when they googled the animal – but there’s a huge list of animals the feature works for.

You can also find ar animals in google:

Emperor penguin
Angler fish
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But the list is endless – you and your kids could discover many more animals to learn about.

What does AR-enabled mean?

To access this feature, your device will need to be AR-enabled.

For Android users, Google requires an operating system of Android 7.0 or later, originally shipped with the Google Play store already installed and internet access.

For iPhone users, you need to be running iOS 11.0 or later. You’ll likely already be running iOS 11.0 or later, but if you’re not sure, head to your settings > general and then tap software update.

If there is a software update available, hit download and install.

hit download and install.

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