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Tips for raising happy, bright, and productive kids

These are simple tips for raising happy, bright, and productive kids.
We try very hard to plant my basic philosophy of life into all my children. This site is built around my first parenting tip.

Always seek knowledge 

Ensure your children have an abundance of books and magazines to read and enjoy at all times. Support your school at the book sales and make the library a regular habit. Also, make sure your children all receive a magazine each month with their name on it.

Tips for raising happy, bright, and productive kids

  • Raise your children with the mindset that learning is fun and then set the example. 

  • You can help your children how to research a project or report. 

  • Always look through the encyclopedias, check out the recent magazines, browse the bookshelf, and check the internet 

  • Knowing how and where to find the answers to all the questions is a pretty powerful bit of knowledge.

  • Knowledge is not what you can retain, but how fast you can find the answers. 

Develop good character 

Good character is the ability to follow through with a resolution long after the mood. Tell your child if you commit to anyone in any way, write it down, carry it with you in your wallet, purse, or daily planner and remove only when the commitment has been fulfilled. 

Your kids will see this and catch on to this great philosophy. 

A straightforward way to put this in children’s terms is with pets. Children make a big resolution to that pet when they are young and cute. A year or two later, the pet has grown up and is either cared for and loved daily or left ignored in the corner somewhere. Teach your children to follow thru with their resolutions.

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