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Why Discipline is important for children?

The one truly magical aspect of parenting is the importance of a child’s first four years. If you do a lot of things right during this time, the rest will go so much smoother. One of the things that must be done right at this time is Discipline. I find it very hard to believe that a baby can be spoiled. I feel a baby should be changed when they are wet, fed whenever they are hungry and comforted when they are crying. Until children begin to learn communication skills, you must assume that crying is a sign of discomfort. 

Why “no” word is important ?

As children begin to learn our language, “no” becomes a very important word. That is the word that will keep our baby’s safety and allow them to become teenagers. Teach that word very well. At that young age, this is very easy to do. When you use the word “no” physically, take your child through the action and physically prevent him from doing it again. I prefer this method of Discipline over swatting a toddler whenever they get into something they are not supposed to. When you take that child by the arms and force them to put something down and move away, you are also creating a situation where you can redirect the child to a better activity and share some love and support at the same time. 

The toddler stage is the perfect and most important time to teach and practice Discipline. 

 I feel physical contact is an important part of Discipline. This is your last chance to let your child know that you love them and think they are to good to be acting like this. Try to convince them that they are too good of a kid to be acting like this and make sure they know how much you love them because if this little talk does not solve the problem, you have to pull the rug out from under them. Explain to them exactly what will happen if they do not mind and then follow through. Never threaten a child with a punishment you do not intend to use. Always follow through with exactly what you told them you would do. 

Practice good Discipline early in your child’s life. Be consistent and fair. Make sure your children know exactly what will happen if they don’t obey. They will soon learn to make better choices. 

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